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↳ Philosopher’s stone

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You’re my brother.

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mickey expressions

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This is the training of the Milan, of yesterday, September 10, when Stephan was finally there. He returned to Milanello after the experience with the Italian National Team.
As soon as Hachim sees him, he runs towards him laughing (he’s in the background), and then he speaks with him about his right ankle injury.

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When Catelyn suggests “Sansa” he agrees, because there hasn’t been a Sansa Stark in years.

"She was a Princess," Catelyn says shyly. "The Princess of the North."

At first Eddard remains solemn. “There aren’t many Princesses in this world,” he tells Catelyn. “And none…

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Fanfiction ASOIAF GOT


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Dan Smith TW: blue eyes

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Mulora OUAT Once Upon a Time






WHY??! Why again????!!!!

Fuck this shit!!!!!!

Again! Fuck it




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How about no Marco Reus Queen Reus Germany NT NO

All the haters of the Gotzeus shippers are just too cute because all day all night they’re like “ew, Gotzeus shippers need to stop!!!111” and we’re like “suuure at 100000%”. They’re pretty funny, they make me laugh.

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friendship ♥

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...Friendship? Yes sure LOL NO Well Look at Mario Gotzeus Soccerdom


Götze was going to slap the guy who injured Reus.

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This Gotzeus Soccerdom


Isn’t cute how fast Gotze goes to watch if Reus was okay?

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This Gotzeus Soccerdom


But the way Mario called the “doctors” to see if Marco was okay?

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This Gotzeus Soccerdom