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is ur music ever so loud u feel like ur suffocating

update: i was having an asthma attack

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not being cuddled currently which is weird, unideal, bad

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targaryen meme | family dynamics → [6/8] viserys and rhaella

Queen Rhaella sheltered her young son Viserys from the truth about his father Aerys II as much as possible.

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→ “The sight had filled him with disquiet, reminding him of Aerys Targaryen and the way a burning would arouse him. A king has no secrets from his Kingsguard. Relations between Aerys and his queen had been strained during the last years of his reign. They slept apart and did their best to avoid each other during the waking hours. But whenever Aerys gave a man to the flames, Queen Rhaella would have a visitor in the night. The day he burned his mace-and-dagger Hand, Jaime and Jon Darry had stood at guard outside her bedchamber whilst the king took his pleasure. “You’re hurting me,” they had heard Rhaella cry through the oaken door. “You’re hurting me.” In some queer way, that had been worse than Lord Chelsted’s screaming. “We are sworn to protect her as well,” Jaime had finally been driven to say. “We are,” Darry allowed, “but not from him.” Jaime had only seen Rhaella once after that, the morning of the day she left for Dragonstone. The queen had been cloaked and hooded as she climbed inside the royal wheelhouse that would take her down Aegon’s High Hill to the waiting ship, but he heard her maids whispering after she was gone. They said the queen looked as if some beast had savaged her, clawing at her thighs and chewing on her breasts. A crowned beast, Jaime knew.” ASOS, Jaime II

Clips used: Rhaella: Joely Richardson in The Tudors and King Arthur (last gif)
 Aerys II: Stellan Skarsgard in King Arthur
 Viserys (Eoin Murtagh in The Tudors) playing with Rhaenys (Gozde Akyildiz in A touch of spice)

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1x01 - Winter is Coming

He won’t be a boy forever. And winter is coming.

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Money buys a man’s silence for a time. A bolt in the heart buys it forever.

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Everyone is concerned about the poor Jaime Lannister’s character development and no one is barely thinking about a woman that he has - eventually, we still don’t know but I think yes - raped.

Welcome to the Game of Thrones fandom, a bunch of assholes!

PS: and YES, I’ve read the damn books, but in the tv-show the scene is SO different and it seems a RAPE. A fucking, terrible and disgusting rape.
I know Jaime wouldn’t have done it for no reason, I know, but in the tv-show is what he seems: a damn rapist.

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also these people who are like, “well i don’t care about cersei but it ruined jaime’s character development to make him rape her!”

…. no

cersei lannister is not an accessory to the fact of jaime’s manpain. cersei lannister is not a passive or overlooked part of this situation. cersei lannister

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You know you’re fucked when your crush gives you medieval friendzone talk :D

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#OH LOOK #STILES IS JUST ABOUT TO— #lol no #just kidding

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